13th Annual Last Waltz and The Band Celebration by The Stag Night Allstars

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South Broadway Athletic Club, 2301 S. 7th Street, St. Louis, MO 63104

For our 14th time in 13 years, The Stag Nite All-Stars will be celebrating the music of The Band and their all-star farewell show that occurred on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976 at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom. You probably have seen that kick-ass movie that Martin Scorsese and cocaine made of the concert.

We play all the Last Waltz songs and any other tunes The Band had their fingers in, including Dylan stuff.

Dress fancy please. 🎩👠💎

2018 Line-up of the Stag Nite All-Stars includes: Racketbox Old Capital The Red-Headed Strangers The Scandaleros Old Souls Revival Sadie Hawkins Day Cara Louise Band The Maness Brothers The Native Sons Roaming Home

with Special Guests The King of France, john joern The Funky Butt Brass Band Horns Irene Allen Reverend Whiskey Richard Jason Riley and the usual gang of idiots. Probably a few more we haven't nailed down yet and several special guests we haven't figured out.

LS XPRSS will start at 7:00 or sooner with a bunch of Dylan tunes.