The Last Waltz and The Band Celebration by the Stag Night Allstars

Friends, if you have not been to this production before you have been missing out! Some of St. Louis' finest musician gather to recreate The Last Waltz and celebrate the music of The Band.  You can expect to hear some Dylan tunes too.  Joining us on the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving will be Racketbox, LS Xprss, Old Capital, The Red-Headed Strangers (who are soon to have a new album out!), The Scandeleros, Old Souls Revival, The Cara Louise Band, The Maness Brothers, Irene Allen, The Reverend Whiskey Richard, Jason Riley, The King of France John Joern and members of Funky Butt Brass Band.  It is a guaranteed good time. And we have found a new home at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  Bring your aunties and uncles, cousins, stepbrothers, and next door neighbors. We will all give thanks for the blessings of Ameri-Canuck roots rock. 

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