Havana good time- Sadie Hawkins Day in Cuba!

Anne here. I have been wanting to share some details from my once in a lifetime trip to Havana, Cuba that I took back in June. There is so much to tell you about that amazing island.  I was very fortunate to travel there with a extraordinary group of Spanish teachers from all around the United States (I teach 5th and 6th grade Spanish as my day job).  We learned about Cuban culture and the city of Havana from the amazing teachers at Estudio Sampere in the neighborhood of La Víbora.   We had lessons on art, history, religion and MUSIC!! Live music pours out of the restaurants and bars onto the streets of Havana Vieja.  We visited two famous jazz clubs, El Gate Tuerto and The Jazz Cafe.  We also saw a local superstar named Juan Guillermo at La Casa de la Múscia. Such fun! I danced many a night away with my new Cuban and American friends. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting a school for Dance. The kids performed several outstanding dances for us. They were really special.  You could see the joy those kids took in expressing themselves through dance. Now here is where the Sadie part came in: I handed out some Sadie cds and stickers to the kids and I even sang a song for them. Yep, I sang "Twice the Lovin'".  And then I explained to them what Sadie Hawkins Day is.  One of my traveling companions captured the moment you see below. I think it conveys so much of what I treasure about my trip to Cuba. It was a perfect cultural exchange that I will never forget.  Don't be surprised if you someday hear Sadie's take on "Guantanamera."
Safe travels, my friends. Y ¡Suerte!