New Pics

We finally posted our new promo shots taken by our friend Sara Levin.  You can check her out at    She does really great work.  Our photo shoot took place over on Cherokee Street on Antiques Row.  We love the scene and the vibe over on Cherokee. Great shops, bars and restaurants abound.  Retro 101/Cherry bomb Vintage always has a fantastic selection of vintage clothing and furniture.  Stop on by and tell them the Twins sent ya. Ruth's Vintage Clothing at 2001 Cherokee has some amazing finds too.  Cherokee Street has always held a special place in my heart because my grandpa, Doc Francka had a dentist office at the corner of Cherokee and Iowa, where Yaqui's now serves up pizza and libations. My mom has always told us stories about the good old days when shops like Woolworths, Neisner's, Kresge (which became K-Mart) and Morris Variety were where it was at.  Those places are long gone but a new, diverse generation of people are making Cherokee their own.  Suddenly I am craving Mexican food- I'm looking at you,Tower Taco. Anybody want to meet up for a drink at The Whiskey Ring??? 
I hope you are having a great holiday season and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2017.

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